Energy Calculator


How to use this calculator

Fill out each field in order by row, starting with "Starting Reading" then "End Reading", and so on.

Your "End Reading" must be higher than your "Starting Reading".

To add the standing charge, you must first add the dates for your readings. These will be used to calculate the number of days between them and add the standing charge to each day.

If you'd like to calculate the expense of a certain number of kWh without working out the difference. In that case, you can leave the starting reading blank and just enter an end reading.

How much should I expect to be using?

As of 2021, the average UK household consumes about 8kWh per day, which is 242kWh per month.

Reading a dial meter

If you have an old dial meter, remember to read the dials by alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise.
Please see the example image below:

Electric dial meter reading example

The above reads 44928

For more info visit the citizens advice website.

Meter Reading info